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Regards of UAE

LCD Gaming Monitor and Guinea

LCD Gaming Monitor and Guinea

Gaming monitors have become an essential component for gamers, providing them with a high-quality visual experience. NPC is a leading manufacturer of LCD gaming monitors, continuously developing and manufacturing products with higher resolution and superior quality.

High-Resolution Monitors by NPC

NPC offers a wide range of high-resolution monitors that cater to the needs of gamers. These monitors come in various sizes, ranging from 19 inches to 98 inches. The screens are equipped with professional monitoring standard BNC interfaces, ensuring optimal connectivity for gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, these monitors support multimedia playback in various formats, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


In addition to LCD gaming monitors, NPC also specializes in projectors. These projectors provide gamers with an immersive display on larger screens. With advanced technology and superior image quality, NPC projectors offer an enhanced visual experience for gamers.

Security Display

NPC’s LCD gaming monitor range also includes security displays that are designed specifically for surveillance purposes. These displays ensure clear visibility and accurate color reproduction for effective monitoring systems.

The monitor covers a variety of sizes from 19 inches to 98 inches. The screen comes with a professional monitoring standard BNC interface and supports multimedia playback in various formats such as t…

All-in-One PC

To meet the diverse needs of users in office work, professional design tasks, and gaming experiences, NPC offers all-in-one PCs that combine convenience and cost-effectiveness. These AIO computers are compact yet efficient machines that deliver exceptional performance across different applications.

All-in-one PC products are more convenient and cost-effective and can also meet users’ needs in the office, professional design tasks,

Add Excitement to Life Through NPC Innovation

The introduction of all-in-one computers by NPC has brought a new trend in the computer world. These computers are not only convenient but also fashionable for business, design tasks, and gaming experiences. With their sleek designs and powerful performance capabilities, NPC’s all-in-one PCs add excitement to users’ lives.

LCD gaming monitors offered by NPC provide gamers with high-resolution displays and superior image quality. Additionally, NPC’s range of products extends beyond gaming monitors to include projectors, security displays, and all-in-one PCs that cater to various needs. With continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, NPC enhances the overall gaming experience for enthusiasts around the world.

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