regards of UAE

Regards of UAE

Yasmina’s skills that everyone will love.

Yasmina is an artificial intelligence voice assistant created by technology company Yango. She can joke, responds with friendly emotional reactions, provides up-to-date information and can be integrated with digital apps, smart devices and home appliances. Yasmina can identify the user’s gender and understand major dialects of Arabic. She speaks Khaleeji fluently.

The voice assistant can be useful with her various household skills that are useful in everyday life.

Alarm clock

Yasmina can set the alarm for the right time and put on your favorite song for it. If you are still catching up on an interesting dream when the alarm goes off, simply tell Yasmina to reschedule for 10 minutes.


To keep dinner in the oven from burning, you can ask Yasmina to set a timer. During that, you can ask how much time is left before the timer goes off, pause it, and then turn it off with a simple “Stop” command.

Shopping list

If during the day you think of important small things to buy for the house or a grocery list for dinner with guests, use the skill of making a shopping list. You can just say, “Yasmina, add” and list the items you need. You can also manage the list, deleting what you don’t need or purge it as required.

– Yasmina, give it a like!

Like the tracks you enjoy – Yasmina will compile them into a playlist and use them as a reference point for future recommendations.

– What you’re good at?

Ask Yasmina what she’s good at and she’ll show you a list of her talents in the app. Whether it’s finding music to suit your mood, calling a taxi, telling you about the weather forecast or setting a timer, she has hundreds of skills for every task.


You can share your smart home with your loved ones – they will become guests and will be able to control smart home devices together with you, for example, turn on and off the lights, select modes of operation for appliances, or view sensor readings.

Smart Home Scenarios

Scenarios can connect any smart device regardless of its location or type (Wi-Fi, ZigBee). Everything will work on demand or automatically to make your smart home more comfortable and safer. If you have smart devices in your home, such as robot vacuums, smart lights or sensors, you can set up automated scenarios in the app and the smart home will run on its own without your input.

Local scenarios

Yasmina is adapted for Arabic audiences and can understand localized commands such as playing Adhan or details about Hijri calendar.

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